Sharing its borders with Yamagata, Niigata, Gunma, Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures, Aizu is Fukushima’s most western region. For travelers, it is where they stop to visit the Fukushima Museum, Ouchi-juku, a village…

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Fukushima’s Best-Kept Secret: Aizu Sake

By Lisandra Moor

Ethical Spirits is the world’s first sustainable distillation platform, launched right here in Japan. As the world transitions to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, Ethical Spirits wants you to populate your liquor cabinet…

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Ethical Spirits: Responsibly-Made Gin for Your Happy Hour Needs

By Lisandra Moor

For non-Japanese residents, the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t only affect our daily activities. Those living kilometers away from their family had to not only process this historical period of time, but do so…

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Tokyo Life: 1 Month Living in Kamikita House

By Lisandra Moor

Ready for some sweet sweet softcream adventures with us? In this YouTube video series, we’ve partnered with the Japanese softcream maker Nissei to show you some of the great sights around Japan and…

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Softcream Adventures: Tasting Tokyo’s Local Softcream Flavors

By Weekender Editor

Aomori Prefecture is a big place — one of Japan’s 10 largest prefectures — and yet many of us only associate Aomori with apples and snow. Which, in all honesty, isn’t entirely…

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The JR East Pass (Tohoku Area) in Action: All Around Aomori

By Lisa Wallin

“Dream now, travel later.” You’ll likely have seen this phrase littered across social media this past year and a half. Discovering new favorite foods and exploring new-to-you destinations still feels far away…

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Make Your Travel Dreams Come True at Tokyo’s JAPAN RAIL CAFE

By Lisa Wallin

If you’re craving an island getaway but have a limited time and budget to spend, your solution may be close at hand. For centuries, Enoshima was historically an important destination for religious…

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Enoshima- An Overnight Island Escape from Near Tokyo

By Todd Fong

This May, the IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra will embark on a four-concert tour of Japan, performing in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama. The orchestra will be led by its Artistic Director, Tomomi Nishimoto…

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Konstantin Ishkhanov and Conductor Tomomi Nishimoto are Proud to Launch Japan Grande Classico Music Festival

By Weekender Editor