“Dream now, travel later.” You’ll likely have seen this phrase littered across social media this past year and a half. Discovering new favorite foods and exploring new-to-you destinations still feels far away…

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Make Your Travel Dreams Come True at Tokyo’s JAPAN RAIL CAFE

By Lisa Wallin

If you’re craving an island getaway but have a limited time and budget to spend, your solution may be close at hand. For centuries, Enoshima was historically an important destination for religious…

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Enoshima- An Overnight Island Escape from Near Tokyo

By Todd Fong

This May, the IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra will embark on a four-concert tour of Japan, performing in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama. The orchestra will be led by its Artistic Director, Tomomi Nishimoto…

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Konstantin Ishkhanov and Conductor Tomomi Nishimoto are Proud to Launch Japan Grande Classico Music Festival

By Weekender Editor

Pretty sweet treats and Instagram are like vanilla and chocolate swirled together – they are made for each other. Food was one of the first things to be posted on the app,…

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Instagram Tips for a Softcream Photo That Melts Your Heart

By Zoria Petkoska

Like millions around the world, Jonathan Bethune has spent much of the last year working from home. But he now has a powerful incentive to spend much more than the occasional day…

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Tokyo American Club: An Urban Escape Like No Other

By Owen Ziegler

Whether you are seeking a relaxing or invigorating getaway, the Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora is the perfect destination to reawaken your senses. Waiting at the end of the Hakone Tozan mountain railway…

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Find Your Heart in Hakone

By Bunny Bissoux

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The JR Tohoku Rail Pass Inspiring Wanderlust at JAPAN RAIL CAFE TOKYO Event

By Weekender Editor

It all started with a sip — or did it? When most of us think of Japanese sake, we instantly think of nihonshu or shochu. This, however, is a somewhat incorrect assumption,…

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Your Sake Journey

By Alexandra Ziminski