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Did you come straight here after watching our other softcream adventures on YouTube? Or are you just finding us for the first time? Either way, welcome to the local softcream flavors exploration mission. In this…

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Softcream Adventures: Tasting Shizuoka’s Local Softcream Flavors

By Weekender Editor

Some of Japan’s most underrated travel spots can be found in the cities of Kunisaki and Bungotakada located on the beautiful Kunisaki Peninsula in Kyushu’s Oita Prefecture. Some of Japan’s intrinsic historic…

Travel/TW Collabs

5 Things We Learned About Kunisaki and Bungotakada Cities at TW’s Feel Japan Event

By Weekender Editor

Often dismissed as a soulless salaryman town, Toranomon is working hard to dispel this image with ambitious plans for the future. There’s still a long way to go before it can rival…

Neighborhoods/TW Collabs

Toranomon Area Guide: Cultivating the Contemporary

By Stephan Jarvis

Rayard Miyashita Park is where we’ve been hanging out lately. Here are our favorite spots to pick up Shibuya-inspired goods, from original art to sustainable fashion items. Denis Made in Tokyo Denis…

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Rayard Miyashita Park: A Hub for All Things Shibuya

By Lisandra Moor

Majesty Onarimon Club is supervised by fencer Kazuyasu Minobe who, this summer, won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics as part of Japan’s épée team. The 34-year-old Fukui Prefecture-native competed in…

Sports & Fitness/TW Collabs

Épée Fencer Kazuyasu Minobe on Tokyo 2020 and the Importance of a Good Sponsor

By Matthew Hernon

Nagasaki, lying on the northwest of Kyushu is renowned for both its global outlook and profound connection to its rich and cultured history. A dichotomy of sorts, it embraces internationalism alongside tradition…

Nagasaki/TW Collabs

Where to Experience Nagasaki Café Culture

By Weekender Editor

In September of this year, The Japan Times reported that Kyoto, previously one of Japan’s top tourism destinations, was facing bankruptcy. The ancient capital witnessed a drop of 88 percent in inbound…

Tokyo Life/TW Collabs

Furusato Nozei: An Introduction to Japan’s Hometown Tax Program

By Lisandra Moor

Bonsai artisan and horticulturist Yoshinobu Tabata says that his work has no end. In writing, it may sound like a complaint, but to hear Tabata say it you’ll hear the joy behind…

Japanese Culture/TW Collabs

The Bonsai Artisan Rooting for the Global Spread of Japanese Garden Aesthetics

By Zoria Petkoska


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